5 Morning Habits To Pump You Up!

Set Your Alarm 2 Hours Before You Need To Do Anything

Yes, you read that right. I know waking up early is hard, and we all want to hit that snooze button to get some extra ZZZs. However, when you allow yourself time to wake up, you are allowing yourself the simple pleasure of slowing down. Let’s face it, we all hate rushing out of bed, to rush to the shower, to rush to work. I’ve driven to work half asleep many times. Yeah, it may seem harmless, but that little bit of panic every morning is building unnecessary stress that could be easily avoided. Not to mention, no one looks or feels their best when they are in a hurry.

Don’t Check Your Phone When You Wake Up

I repeat, DO NOT CHECK YOUR PHONE WHEN YOU WAKE UP! This is a habit that most of us have. We are in a world where everything we need is on our smartphone. Alarm clocks, calendars, news, weather, email, stocks, messages, and of course social media.

I understand if you need to use your phone for an alarm clock. Who wants to go out and buy one when you can use the one on your phone, but after that alarm goes off, put your phone down! Everything else can wait. I know you want to check your stocks, your calendar, or the weather. You may even want to see how many “likes” you got on your last Instagram photo. When you take time for yourself in the morning, all of that can wait.

Don’t fill your head with outside media before you even have a chance to think for yourself.

Open Your Blinds And Let The Sun Peek Through Your Windows

What’s better than vitamin D? Sunshine is a natural mood booster, not to mention Vitamin D can help lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, increase brain function (which we totally need in the morning), and it even has cancer-fighting properties. Yay for morning sunshine.

Personally, I just love to watch the sun come up over the trees. I find it uplifting. It’s also a great time for stretching. The benefits of stretching and yoga are incredible.

Have A Tall Glass Of Water With Your Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning can rehydrate your body. It also flushes out toxins that have been building up overnight. Drinking water is the key to great health and a glowing complexion.

A tip to really boost the benefits is put fresh lemon or ginger in your water. These will both help to kickstart your metabolism and detox your body.

Review Your Goals And Plan Out Your Day

If you take the time to go over your goals every single day, you can achieve them faster. By looking at these each morning, you can plan accordingly to take the steps to accomplish them. This habit can also get you motivated and excited for your day.






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