Self Care Saturday

Enjoy A Hot Cup Of Tea Or Coffee

Enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the morning is one of life’s simple pleasures.
These days, it seems that we are always “on the go”.
When you get up in the morning and head to work, you are typically rushing out the door.
That means if your drinking coffee or tea, it’s out of a to-go mug and you’re probably chugging it.
And let’s be honest here, coffee tastes way better when you are slowly sipping it from your favorite porcelain mug.

Read A Magazine

Another great thing to do while you’re sipping on your warm beverage is to read a magazine.
Yes, a magazine.
You could even read a book if magazines are not your cup of tea.
Personally, I used to watch Youtube while drinking my morning coffee, but I’ve decided to kick it old school for a while.
Sometimes it’s just nice to disconnect from all of our smart machines.
Simplicity is key.

Go Get A Mani-Pedi

Mani-Pedis can make any day feel like a self-care day.
I don’t know about you, but beauty time is essential. If I don’t do this at least once a week, I feel frumpy.
And when you feel frumpy, you feel down.
So let’s lift our spirits and get Mani-Pedis when we need them!

If you don’t have the financial means to go get one done, do it at home.
There are so many great tips on the internet that can make it just as relaxing!

Binge Watch Your Favorite Netflix TV Show

I don’t think this needs much explaining.
What is better than forgetting about your stressful work week and vegging out on one of your favorite tv shows?

Eat Whatever You Want

While you binge-watch Netflix, go ahead and binge on your favorite food.
I completely understand wanting to stay on a healthy diet, but one cheat day will not kill you.
What’s the point of living a long and healthy life if you can’t enjoy your favorite food now and again?
Personally, I go get Raising Cane’s Chicken.
It is seriously the best comfort food ever!!!


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