Setting Work and Career Goals

Here are some questions to consider when setting new career goals! Enjoy 🙂

What is your dream?

Is your dream feasible? (Can it become a career or is it just for fun?)

Do you have any problems (such as medical or physical) that would make this dream not as feasible?

Does following this dream require a lot of education, time and money, in order to achieve it?

Do you have any skills that are transferable to your dream job?

Are you financially capable of following this dream?

If you are unable to quit your current job, can this dream be achieved on a part-time basis? (night classes, working a second job, etc.)

What do you find so ideal about this job?

What does that tell you about yourself?

How would you feel if you could turn your dream into a reality?

Do you automatically find anything negative about this dream, if so what is it?

Does anything about this dream scare you?

Do you feel you are up for the challenge?

Do you have support from others in pursuing this dream?

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