A Quick Fix To Boost Low Self Esteem

Fact: Every human on this earth has or will struggle with self-esteem at least once in their lifetime.

As an avid learner in positive psychology and a professional life coach, I’ve learned a handful of techniques to help combat this unfortunate part of life. Below, is one of the exercises that I can truly advocate for.

Self Recognition Appreciation
Throughout the day, write down all of the instances in which you felt good about yourself or something that you did. It can be anything that makes you feel good.
(Opening the door for someone, paying someone a compliment, acing a test, etc.)
By recognizing your strengths and actively being aware of them, you are participating in self-love. Self-love is great for combating the negative thoughts that come creeping in.
To add to this experience and boost your results, start your day by glancing at the list you made the day prior.
This will enhance your mood.

You’ve got this!
-Your Life Coach :)-

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