Kwame Frimpong

Pastor | Public Speaker | Life Coach | Author

Relationship Keynote Speaker | Author of The Healing Of the Heart


Everybody needs some love (couples, families, individuals) however whenever relationships struggle, love is often question and the feeling of love seems to fade away.

Pastor, public speaker, and life coach Reverend Kwame Frimpong firmly believes this, too. It is the primary focus of his practice at KF Life Coaching, which is dedicated to empowering relationships and offering hope to couples, individuals, and families.

For more than 30 years, Frimpong has been speaking at conferences, seminaries, and organizing workshops helping people them to break down barriers and overcome personal obstacles to improve their relationships and reach whatever “love goal” they seek.

Through his life coaching conferences, workshops, and seminars, Frimpong provides excellent insight into how love so deeply impacts us, delivering hard truths and showing his followers how to foster and maintain deep, healthy relationships. Audiences are moved and soothed in equal turn as Frimpong gently shares wisdom with his signature warmth and humor

About Kwame

Kwame believes that love gaps (love distortions, Not putting God first, associating self-love with performance) the lack of love expressions and unhealthy self-love create negativity in individuals life, marriages and relationships. He believes that when people are given the right tools about closing the love gaps and build a healthy self-love, they would increase marital happiness and love themselves better.


Keynote Address and Speaking Topics
Audiences consider Kwame a top-rated professional leadership keynote speaker who is down-to earth, confident, entertaining and with a great sense of humor. Kwame is a must-see motivational speaker for your event, both in person and virtual event, who will transform your audience with a lasting change to their relationships.

• What intimacy mean to men
• What intimacy mean to women
• How to recognize your husbands intimacy cues
• How to discover your wife intimacy cues

• Keys to releasing past pain
• The courage to facing and healing your childhood pains
• Taking charge of your emotional fears

• How to ask for more sex
• The benefit of sex for wives
• The benefits of sex for husbands
• The psychological impacts of sexless marriage

• Understanding why you are not talking
• Your communication style is pushing you away or bring you closer
• You are talking but are you communicating?
• Heart rules for effective communication

• Christian couples sex life should not be boring
• Creativity and Christian couples sex life

• The pastor’s marriage and stress
• Pastors’ marriage and sexual issues

• Is your anger destroying your marriage?
• The root cause for destructive emotions

Virtual conferences provide an opportunity to reach a greater number of participants, in the comfort of their homes. Based on Kwame’s dissertation research on parent-child sexual health communication, and research he has make in conferences, Kwame offers a media-rich experience to create a lasting change in relationships.

Kwame is known for tailoring his motivational speaking topics to deliver the best keynote message that is matched to your organization’s media and event planning objectives. Connect with Kwame by email or use the website contact form to set up a call with him to design his presentation and prepare his best keynote for your audience.