I specialize in love. I deliver love. I serve love.

Love is like a lock that needs to be opened and to do so, you need a “love blacksmith”with the right sequence to unlock your love potential. Many times, whether self-love or love for another person, our love is closed off and needs to be opened. There is an order to close the love gap. The love gap means love distortion that impede us and our relationships. Love tends to be closed because we get the sequence mixed up. Often people try a marriage love plan first but in order for that to work, it must first start with you. Let’s get clear on those three plans: Personal, Family, and Marriage.

In this talk or seminar you will be given the master key to open the combination and close the love gaps in your world.

Kwame speaks about how to:

    • Reduce stress in the ministry.
    • Recognizing signs of burnout
    • Building self-love and self-esteem
    • Strategies for soul care and self-care
    • Balancing ministry and family
    • Heal all your broken relationships, including the one with yourself and your body through love
    • Understand healthy to love yourself and others in a complex world
    • Properly work through relationship and sexual problems
    • Create lasting love, intimacy, career and academic and professional development through closing the love gap with healthy self-love.