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EVENT NAME: Ghanaian Ministers & Spouses Marriage Conference 1

TOPIC: Impact of the Church on Marriage.


DATE: Saturday, October 23, 2021 

TIME: 10:00 AM -12:30 PM

Talk Topics.

Closing The Love Gap.

I specialize in love. I deliver love. I serve love.

By creating game plans centered around love, I will help you achieve your goals and close the “love gaps” in your life. When you can welcome more love in your life and define a plan to maintain it, your life and the lives of others will dramatically shift for the better. What is love worth? It is priceless. Now is not the time to go cheap. Invest in love now so that you won’t pay later. The game of life is really the game of love and if you feel misaligned in this area of your life, my program will help you define that true north and recalibrate.

In this program the audience can expect the following:

    • A shift in mindset to save what is about to be lost in relation to love (marriage, Self-esteem, intimacy, marriage, relationship)

    • Practical ways to preserve peace and happiness while encouraging unity

    • Tools to communicate and share feelings, leading to the transformation of passive relationships to quality relationships.   


See what our clients have to say about us.

Daniel Grissom
Camila Brown
Rita Karikari
Jeff & Gill Wilson
Rev Steve Duvall
Daniel Grissom
Camila Brown
Rita Karikari
Jeff & Gill Wilson
Rev Steve Duvall
Dedra Blaklley
“Kwame has many strengths to offer. He is a scholarly and committed educator, has a very teachable spirit, and is an empathetic and skilled counselor. I recommend Kwame Nyanor without reservation. I believe he will be a positive addition to any organization.” 


Dr. Cynthia Doney, LPCS, LMHC, NCC

Assistant Professor, Liberty University


At Kf Life We Take Care Of What You Need

Soyou’re wondering how to love yourself? My program will help you understand: 

The difference between healthy and unhealthy self-love 

Taken self to the next level (whole self love) 

How to derive self-love from God’s love.  

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And you want extraordinary sex that’s an expression of your big love for each other.

Sex and intimacy, do you care? I guess you should. 

I teach speak on: Sex, intimacy and the brain 

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How healthy-self love impacts your decision for career choice.

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Conference and Workshops

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Books that Inspire.

Breaking Through to the Real You
Eat the Colors
Stop the killers
The Healing of the Heart
15 Laws of Break through

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